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Cassiopée's   Spooky  Module!

Cassiopée has been busy, as you can notice she made a whole new section for halloween and seems to be quite in the spirit of things! A brand new module has been added next to lounge, she's been asking people to go and try it, she promises it to be a fantastic time, although you haven't seen the people who decided to try it come back.

What will you do?

Go Explore the Spooky Module!

Decisions like these will have to be taken! The goal of this game is to try and find all endings possible with lots of spooky toony scenarios! The game includes fantastic animations by DJ Mudsdale our Head of 2D animatons and a spooky story!

This game was made by TSG! for it's annual Halloween event! It first started in 2017 as a simple text adventure game you could play from our custom bot, Cassiopée, on TSG!'s Discord server a year later the whole game was ported to this website and this year we've redone the website and added animations by DJ Mudsdale while adding new endings!

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Squish or Treat? of Years Past

Below here you will find past announcements and event arts for this project

Squish or Treat? 2020

This year only brought additional animations other than that the game remained mainly the same due to lots of business! It did get an addition by Bonus Duck, a mini-quiz game try it now below!

View 2020's Event Art

Squish or Treat? 2019

The second year using the brand new website came with some improvements, such as the new way to go through pages using an iframe. The game had a few endings added and slightly more complicated way of getting all the pins

View 2019's Event Art

Squish or Treat? 2018

This year was the first year this website was unveiled! Along with a few new endings and rewrites for the story. This is when we introduced Pins for Toony Licences and so every ending contain one of them! You can see them shown below every ending of 2018! We also had an event art drawn by Calem below as well as an announcement for the event.

View 2018's Event Art
View 2018's Announcement

Squish or Treat? 2017

Back in 2017 the game was first created within Cassiopée, people would get roles which allowed users to do specific commands when they reached an end and was all possible to play in DMs with Cassiopée. This feature was coded in Cassi 1.0 and the code is now unusable, instead in 2017 it was ported to this website.

View 2017's Event Art