The Great Cassi Speaks!

“Cassi” stares down at you with a menacing, mechanical breathing... like your very soul is being judged in this very moment. You feel uneasy... and yet you can’t look away. Then... she freezes. Your eyes dart around in worry, wondering if anyone else is staring. Nobody seems to pay you and mind, though... just going about their day. You continue to stare at Cassi... growing impatient. What, was she just going to stare at you? In your irritation, you give the bottom of the machine a swift kick!

Well... your questions were hastily answered as her eyes lit up a bright red! She jolts forward... making a horrific, creaking sound... before settling back down. After you take a moment to catch your breath... a small paper slip extrudes from the bottom...

You seek adventure, and intrigue... You wish to fall into another world... and explore infinite possibilities. While infinity is unreachable... you will soon stumble over and over again... each step taking you into another cruel twist of fates. Watch your back... and enjoy the ride!
Without paying the slip much mind, other than it being a cheesy fortune... you crumple it up, and toss it into a nearby bin. Now then... where to go first...? Nearest to you is the reward tent, seems like somewhere to go check out later.

What do you do now?