Version 1.0

The Summer Carnival is Here!

Ah... the boardwalk. The perfect location for a fun day on the water. The air is crisp, the sands are softer than clouds... and the sun shines like a spotlight into the crashing wake of the ocean. But that’s far from all; because today marks the Summer Festival! Attractions expand as far as the eye can see... and you just can’t wait to jump into it all! As you approach the entrance to the venue... you see a strange looking machine off to the side. It’s... unlike anything you’ve seen. It houses a mechanical looking dragon inside, sporting the garb of some kind of fortune teller. The window of the machine reads in curvy letters “Cassi speaks”. You can’t help but feel yourself drawn to it... like a moth to a flame.

What will you do?

Enjoy the Carnival!

Game by TSG!'s Dev Team consisting of: Klogmonger(Project Lead & Writer), BonusDuck(Main Writer) DJ Mudsdale(Animator/Artist), StriderHaryu(Writer), Kelveron(Writer), and Arcaxon(Coder).