A New Beginning

Adrift a sea of blackness stands a small, conically-shaped capsule of sorts. It floats silently against a backdrop of constellations and far-off planets, making its journey between worlds: the Earth and the Moon. If one were to peek inside its singular window, however, they’d find the figure of a worried-looking astronaut, scraping the insides of that spacecraft for a morsel of food. This unwilling explorer found themselves trapped within this capsule during a routine checkup before launch, only to have the door mistakenly closed while aboard. This pilot is you. After a rough takeoff, your ship began careening out of the atmosphere like, well, a rocket. Entering orbit for the first time was truly a breathtaking experience. That sensation of weightlessness liberating you from your uncomfortable seated position certainly let you stretch your legs a bit. As you float about the tight confines of the capsule, you begin to wonder if anybody knows you’ve been locked inside. After all, this was intended to be an unmanned cargo mission, meant to add some final supplies to the lunar space station ahead of the real crew’s flight in a few months. Everything’s reportedly been up and running so far, so you’ll at least be safe there. At least, you certainly hope so… The flight lasts for 3 days, all the while you’ve been dying to open some of the rations aboard. Unfortunately, since this is just a cargo mission, you don’t have any of the tools to properly open any of the pallets, despite your best efforts. But as the moon draws closer every minute, you feel a sense of enlightenment. The Earth recedes behind you, growing smaller every time you look back. All you can do now is wait for the capsule to dock. Then, it finally enters your line of sight: Cassiopeia Station; the brainchild of the brilliant scientists at Transformative Space Global. Its many modular cabins were built with the purpose of sustaining brave astronauts for months at a time, so you’ll be well equipped to take refuge here in the meantime. Of course, there’s also tons of expensive scientific equiptment, so you might want to be careful. Your ship’s docking port slowly approaches its counterpart on the station, gently gracing each other before locking into place. Welcome to Cassiopeia Station!

What do you do now?