Version BETA 1.1

Cassiopeia Space Station

We here at Transformative Space Global have always aimed for the stars. And thanks to the involvement of our innovative technologies, we can finally reach further than ever before. This is the Cassiopeia Station. Isn't she a beauty? The Station consists of 6 modular living spaces that will help aid our research into the vast expanses of the cosmos. Our central control hub, for monitoring the logistics of station activities. A science lab, for studying advanced medical treatments and long-term exposure to microgravity’s effects on the body. A cargo hold, for long-term supply storage. An airlock, so astronauts can perform excursions in their pressurized spacesuits. A centrifuge ring, for providing artificial gravity. And finally, a lander to take our bold explorers to the surface of the moon. We have the station! Now, all we need is you! So join today, for a truly transformative experience like no other!

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